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Who & What

What awaits the Residents at Restoring Roots?

  • A safe, supportive place to call home.

  • A peer community of learning and practice that addresses trauma and underlying impulses for substance misuse. 

  • Professional guidance in accessing services such as medical care, counseling, GED and career classes, and meaningful employment. 


A place to belong and find
couragement for change.

Our Mission

Who Benefits from Permanent Supportive Recovery Housing?

Permanent supportive housing can positively impact these alarming statistics and can reduce health care and incarceration costs in the long-term.

We believe that long-term recovery is enhanced by or thru long-term treatment.

The Supportive Recovery Housing model meets national standards (Wisconsin Association of Sober Housing) and provides long-term recovery support job training, and education for individuals with SUD who are: 

a. Completing rehabilitation program(s) and in need of ongoing support to build and sustain long-term recovery

b. living unsheltered and in need of recovery housing in order to engage in recovery

c. re-entering the community from the criminal justice system

d. participating in drug courts

e. diverting from the criminal justice system for SUD treatment and related support services.

Image by Helena Lopes
Construction Crane

Project Description


  • 35-50 apartments for 70-90 men.

  • Can stay for up to two years depending on individual needs.

  • Affordable or free during first six months depending on financial situation.

  • Resident will build self-esteem, take advantage of services, and focus on recovery.

Planning and Construction

We received a $3 million dollar planning and construction grant from Dane County. We are seeking state, federal and private funding sources, including an allocation of general revenue funds and set-aside funds from WHEDA for recovery housing.

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