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About Us

Restoring Roots is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by families and individuals who have
been traumatized by Substance Use Disorder (SUD). We are committed to the development of
Permanent Supportive Recovery Housing (PSRH) in Dane County.

PSRH is an effective and economic means of treating SUD. Many states are turning to
PSRH because it is reducing incarceration, recidivism, overdoses and effectively promoting restored health and return to employment.

Restoring Roots is committed to constructing a $13-$15 million Permanent Supportive Recovery Housing pilot project in Dane County with 50 units that will provide long-term support for approximately 70+ persons dealing with substance use disorder (SUD).

Each of us must find our own path to recovery from addiction. At Restoring Roots, community is the path and the destination. We are rooted in one another.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone, regardless of financial resources, should have access to quality, supportive recovery services. Restoring Roots aims to serve individuals who: want to be in recovery; are interested in learning life skills; are able to participate in job training; and wish to further their education. 

We believe that long-term recovery is enhanced by or thru long-term treatment.  It’s a process that takes time. Our program can last up to two years, offering an opportunity for individuals to truly transition from a culture of substance-use to a culture of recovery and wholeness.

We believe that the healing process requires community.  Our initiative is mentor led and staff supported creating a vibrant learning environment. Residents find improved self-esteem and greater meaning in their lives through therapy, mentoring, education, employment training, and mindfulness.

Image by Eilis Garvey
Image by Clay Banks

Our Funding

Our goal is to be as financially self-sustaining as possible. We are exploring social enterprises that will serve as job training opportunities and provide income for our programming.

Our Therapeutic Approach

The experience of substance use disorder is unique for each person – so the healing process should be as well. Restoring Roots will use compassionate and person-centered treatment that is trauma-informed, culturally competent, individualized, evidence-based, and holistic.

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